A Not So Hidden Beach Affair

When it comes to beaches that are not well-known on Koh Samui, Laem Yai Beach is not at the top of that list — but neither is it a household name.

While not exactly a secret beach per se, Laem Yai Beach is still a lesser-visited beach on the exotic island destination. The peaceful beachfront is located outside the touristy parts of Koh Samui on the northwestern tip of the island — which typically entails a much smaller crowd.

Laem Yai Beach — Hidden But Not Hidden

Similar to the other beaches on the island, Laem Yai Beach is fringed by a delicate cove, tall palm trees, and golden grainy sand. The 200-metre long stretch of sand is also oriented northwards, in between Bang Por and Nathon. 

Laem Yai Beach is most well known for having the only Four Seasons Resort on the island, and since there’s only one resort here, finding a remote spot won’t be too difficult at all.

All in all, the always beautiful Laem Yai Beach affords the perfect spot for long contemplative walks, as well as offering an ideal site for viewing the setting sun over the majestic horizon.

However, if you’re looking to swim then this particular beach isn’t for you. The waters here are quite shallow and the terrain is pretty rocky. Head to Silver Beach or Thongson Bay instead.

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