Where Modernity Meets Traditional Middle Eastern Culture

Among the myriad of traditional souks, mosques, and unique UNESCO World Heritage sites in the ever-progressing city of Baku (the largest city and capital of Azerbaijan) sits a trio of peculiar and futuristic-looking skyscrapers. In combination, its perched facade resembles a flickering flame against the backdrop of the Caspian Seas.

Baku, Azerbaijan

Referred aptly as the Flame Towers, the three flame-shaped structures comprise a residential building, an office building, and even a contemporary five-star hotel. 

And as some of the tallest buildings in the middle eastern nation (the tallest one stands at 182 metres high), you’ll certainly be privy to some of the best panoramic views of the city and/or the expansive Caspian Seas — if you can afford it.

However, the Flame Towers only truly come alive during the short transition between evening and nightfall. The slow descent of the bright orange-hued sun shining its rays against the surface of the buildings signals the beginning of an illuminating parade of orange, red, and pink LED lights which adorn the towers at night — giving off a live burning fire vibe to the towers.

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