Where To Stay In Boracay

Now that you’ve booked a flight to the Philippines, gotten your passport in order, and planned a wonderful beach holiday in Boracay, the next step is to decide where to stay. And Boracay certainly isn’t without its fair share of ideal places to park your kiester after an entire day of gallivanting in the sunny beaches and salted waters of the island.

The Many Picturesque Accommodation Options On The Island Of Boracay

To get straight to the point, the most popular beach by far in Boracay is White Beach — it is also within the fringes of this four-kilometre long, pristine white beach touched by crystal clear azure sea that you’ll spend a majority of your time in.

Therefore it comes as no surprise that the most popular and packed locale on the island hosts a number of resorts, hotels, lodging, and other travel businesses. 

If you’re looking for the perfect accommodation on the island, your best bet is definitely in one of the three different stations found on White Beach which caters to a varied selection of budget types.

  • Station 1: You’ll find numerous upscale boutique hotels and luxury resorts here offering the best services and facilities in Boracay.
  • Station 2 and Station 3: In contrast, both Station 2 and Station 3 caters towards the family-oriented, as well as budget-conscious travellers.

Note: Only hotels that have been accredited by the Philippine government will be allowed to accept any bookings and reservations in Boracay. It is definitely recommended to do your research on the various accommodation options first before committing to a trip to the island.

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