Why You Should Visit A Jjimjilbang

Make no mistake about it, a visit to your nearest (if that’s even possible at the moment) Jjimjilbang entails a relaxing experience in its own right. 

However, that isn’t the full extent of benefits that entail regularly visiting your neighbourhood Korean spa/public bathhouse.

Health Benefits Of Visiting A Jjimjilbang

In fact, regularly visiting spas and saunas also bring about plenty of health benefits — chief among them being an improvement to your cardiovascular, circulatory, and immunity functions.

But that’s not all. 

Jjimjilbang or spas, in general, may also potentially lower high blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart diseases as well as neurocognitive ailments like dementia. For the chronic sufferers of pain symptoms, a dip in the hot waters of a Korean bathhouse may also wash those worries away.

Now doesn’t that sound much better than taking a dip in your regular bathtub?

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